Thursday, October 3, 2013

October ~spooky~ TBR

I want to read so many books this month, it's ridiculous. In addition to three non-spooky library books, I also have a mighty need to read every 'Halloween-y' book on my shelves. That includes physical and kindle shelves. Here is a list of all October appropriate books I desire to read, of which I will probably only get to half of:

This would be my third reading of Frankenstein, but it gets better every single time. I do believe this novel holds the title for my favorite classic, so of course I have to read it this month. It's the perfect time for another rereading!

Obviously I love Frankenstein, so a modern version with a crime element is right up my ally. I read the first novel about two years ago, so it get through the next two I will either be confused out of my mind for the next two, or I'll just have to suck it up and do a reread of the first book. These are hefty books, folks. Three plus the original Frankenstein is quite a lot to read during my favorite month.

I have never read Dracula! I've been meaning to read it but I kept telling myself I'd read it closer to Halloween. Well, it's closer to Halloween! Also, Jason from TheHeavyBlanks is doing a kind of read-along this month so what better time to finally get this read, eh?

I honest to God don't even know what this is about other than it's a gothic (possibly queer?) love story with a female vampire, but Jessie Quinn from CupOfBooks read it and we have similar tastes in books. Also it's short and I found it online for free.

 Well, it's about vampires and I own it and should really get around to reading it. Now's as good as a time than any, I suppose.

I'm so obsessed with the new television series Sleepy Hollow and while I know the novel is not anything like the show, I desperately need to read it. It's scary and in the public domain.

This was on my Stember TBR list and I never got around to read it. It's about magic so it could totally go with my Halloween-y books.

This has been on my Goodreads TBR list forever and it's only $1.99 on Kindle. I think the title speaks for itself. I obviously need this book in my life.

I've owned this forever and haven't got through it yet, but I'm in the mood for really cheesy zombie stories. Plus I'm always in the mood for Pride and Prejudice.

All of the books on this list so far have been books I own, are in the public domain or I could get for less than 3 bucks. This is not one of those. However, I've been putting off buying this book but I think needing a good ghost story is a good enough reason to spend money. Plus, I loved the first novel and need to know what happens. Also, Maureen just got a new puppy and needs money to raise Zelda in a stable household.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you read these Kyra :)
    only thing is, The Magicians is about a boy who goes to a magician's college. I don't know if that will trigger your anxiety as Fangirl did or not, but I thought you should have a head's up.