Review Policy

I am currently taking review requests!

Please read carefully before contacting me.

I have been reviewing books on my Booktube channel for a little over a year. I tend to review books through a feminist perspective, so keep that in mind when trying to positively promote your extreme conservative memoir or your client's book called "Women Should Just Sit Down & Shut Up." Please view my monthly review videos and my full review videos for examples.

Books I am interested in reviewing: 
  • LGBT fiction
    • Yes this includes F/F erotica
  • Science Fiction
  • YA
    • I don't respond well to angels or dystopian
  • Poetry
  • Short story collections
  • Middle grade
  • Humor, feminist,  and pop culture nonfiction
Even if your book doesn't fit one of those genres, feel free to send a request anyway. The only books I will insta reject is probably hetro erotica and religious memoirs.

My reviews are always youtube video reviews unless you request a written review (although I will most likely send you a transcript of my video if I do a full video review) which would be posted on this blog. I have two review styles, a full video review (3-10 minutes) and a 2-3 minute review in my monthly review video. I cannot guarantee that I will have enough thoughts on a book to do a full video review.

Currently books are being reviewed in an extremely timely manner, in a month or less. I cannot guarantee that turn around in the future.

I would be excited to do any promotional work such as an author interview or anything of that nature.

Contact for review requests and requests of that nature:

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