Sunday, December 1, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 Writing Soundtrack

I give every single one of my projects a playlist or soundtrack, if you will. This year's nanowrimo playlist was a little all over the place. I started gathering songs that only relate to the theme of the novel, and then I just went crazy with the video game soundtrack songs. Every song really does go with at least one scene, but it was mostly just music that I could write to without getting distracted.

 It, um, six hours long. I'm currently trying to find all the songs to add them to THIS YOUTUBE PLAYLIST.YES YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE WHOLE THING IF YOU WANT TO.

Monster;Imagine Dragons
City of Bones;Atil Orvasson (frm the TMI soundtrack)
Twice the Fool;Christophe Beck (frm Buffy)
The Social Network Soundtrack;Trent Reznor
Distant Sures;The Cave Singers
Morgause's Magic;Robin Stevenson (frm the Merlin soundtrack)
Seducing Pixie;Robin Stevenson (frm the Merlin soundtrack)
First Class;Henry Jackman (frm X-Men: First Class)
Always Know Where You Are; BBMak (frm Treasure Planet)
Ghosts;Mayday Parade
The Pacific Rim Soundtrack;Ramin Djwadi
Meeting Arthur;Rob Lane (frm the Merlin soundtrack)
Fighting in the Market;Rob Lane (frm the Merlin soundtrack)
Business As Usual;Rob Lane (frm the Merlin soundtrack)
No Harm Tonight;Lenka
Dangerous and Sweet;Lenka
Will Not Grow Old;Lenka
Anything I'm Not;Lenka
Bring Me Down;Lenka
Everything at Once;Lenka
Thrift Shop; Vitamin String Quartet
Fez: Adventure;disasterpeace
RED ZONE;Tatsh & NAOKI (frm DDR)
 INNOCENCE OF SILENCE; nc feat. NRG Factory (frm DDR)
Old Town;Russell Shaw (frm Fable)
Witchwood;Russell Shaw (frm Fable)
Marcus Memorial;Russell Shaw (frm Fable)
A Cat Named Mittens;Stephen Rippy
Chocolate Outline;Stephen Rippy
(Basically the whole) Command & Conquer Soundtrack; Tim Wynn
(Basically the whole) Blue Dragon Soundtrack;Nobuo Uematsu
Cruise Ship;Hideyuki Fukasawa (frm Street Fighter)
Drive in At Night;Hideyuki Fukasawa (frm Street Fighter)
Casablanca;Leon Willett (frm Dreamfall)
Zoe's Theme;Leon Willett (frm Dreamfall)
Final Fantasy Man Theme; Nobuo Uemstu
 Olivion;Jeremy Soule (frm Elder Scrolls)
The Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game Soundtrack;Anamanaguchi
The Black Wand;frm Grey Matter
Never Going Back There;frm Grey Matter
Safe in Arms;frm Grey
Matter Ancient Times and Kingdoms;Dynamedion (frm The Settlers 7)
Victory is Life;Dynamedion (frm The Settlers 7)
Sexclamationmarkpea;Peter Melchart (frm Prototype)
(Basically the whole) Sword & Sworcery soundtrack;Jim Guthrie
Epic Mickey soundtrack;James Dooley
Birth By Sleep;Yoko Shimomura (frm Kingdom Hearts)
Boy Meats Girl;Danny Baranowsky (frm Super Meat Boy!)
Spolied r0tt3n;Danny Baranowsky (frm Super Meat Boy!)
Meat Boy (Flash);Danny Baranowsky (frm Super Meat Boy!)
Blobolian Beauty;Daniel Sadowski (frm A Boy and His Blob)
Village of the Blols;Daniel Sadowski (frm A Boy and His Blob)
Villiage of the Blobs;Daniel Sadowski (frm A Boy and His Blob)
Home Dark Home;Daniel Sadowski (frm A Boy and His Blob)
A Medley of Credits;Daniel Sadowski (frm A Boy and His Blob)
Army of Assholes;Jim Guthrie (frm Indie Game:The Movie)
 Music Box version of Radioactive;Joshua Saunders  

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