Thursday, January 30, 2014

Resources for Understanding Feminist, LGBTQIA and Racial Issues

This list is CONSTANTLY being updated and will probably never be finished because there are so many wonderful resources and commentary on the internet. I am just one girl trudging through Internetland.

Feminist Links
Feminist Ally Masterlist @ GeekFeminism
FandomAndFeminism: a GREAT blog
Feminist Frequency: a great youtuber who is basically everything I ever hope to be
Who Needs Feminism? (spoiler: the answer is everyone)
Finally, a Feminist 101 Blog
Your Fav is Problematic: a whole blog to help you recognize that your hero isn't perfect and why you shouldn't blindly defend them
Feminist Disney: it's just so cute and informational
This is Rape Culture tumblr
New Wave Feminismintersectional feminism yay
Course Guide for Sociology of Gender
Feminist Texts by WOC

Privilege Links
Why Does Tumblr Hate Straight/Cis/White People: a great photoset about privilege 
White Privilege photoset with additional resources
Explaing Privilege to Straight White Dudes Without Using the Word Privilege (in a way they'll understand)
This Is White Privilege 

Racism Links
US History Minus White Guys
My Culture is Not A Trend: tumblr about Cultural Appropriation 
Racism School
This Shit is All Racist
Get the Fuck Out of My Culture
Why Reverse Racism Doesn't Exist
One Comedian’s Amazing Response To The People Who Complain About “Reverse Racism”

What's the Difference Between Bisexuality and Pansexuality?
A HUGE list of LGBTQIA terms @ UCSan Diego
Why FCKH8 Needs to Stop: a whole blog explain why the FCKH8 campaign is problematic 
Are You a Good Straight Ally?
The Entire 'Educate' Tag @ Shut The Fuck Up Straight People
Heterophobia  Is Not Real
AutoStraddle, My Favorite Queer Girl Community

Asexual & Aromantic Links
How to be a Better Ally to Aromantic People 
A Great Blog by a Asexual, aromantic, non-binary trans person who knows their stuff
Asexual Youtubers
Asexual Resources Tumblr

How to be a Trans Ally
A guide for the clueless @ TransWhat (a great website by a trans teenager)
Tips for Allies @ GLAAD
Trans Ally Tips @ UCDavis

Trans Links
A Surprisingly In-depth Masterlist to Transgender Resources by a Homestuck roleplayer (it's a really good blog, guys, wow)
Resource Masterlist FOR Trans People
I Am: Trans People Speak
A News Story about my Favorite Adorable Trans Couple
A Comic By and About a Transman
Another (finished) Comic by a Transman (I haven't read it but look at that art it's so pretty)

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