Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bout of Books 11.0 Day 3 Update

This whole 'doing a read-a-thon in a reading slump and depression while sick' thing isn't really working out all that great. At least I'm still on track to read 7 graphic novels or novellas for this week. I finished up the rest of Batwoman vol. 3: World's Finest today and it was SO GOOD. Like, the best so far. It's finally picking up speed...except the myth story line kinda got wrapped up so I just hope the next arc is as good.

The only bad thing about reading a lot of graphic novels in a short span of time, is that most of the ones on my TBR pile are super gritty superhero comics. I can only take so much blood and guts and angst, ya know. Thankfully, Teen Titans vol. 2 is up for tomorrow I think, and I'm hoping it's early enough in the series that it's still light and fun.

Day: 3
Books: 3
Pages: ~500

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