Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Commissions!! I do graphic design! Hire me! (please dear god hire me)

Hey! You guys know me as the kick-ass book reviewer that I am, but have you noticed the awesome graphics in my videos? Yeah? I did those because I'm also a kick-ass graphic designer sometimes. Oh yeah I am just so multi-talented.

What I'm not particularly talented at is recovering. I'm at the point where I should in theory be able to go out into the world and get a job after a certain nervous breakdown. I'm not QUITE there yet, but I need to show my parents that I'm not going to be "mooching" off them forever.

SO! It's about time I open up design commissions (I've had writing commissions open for like a year, did you know I will write you both professional shit and fan fiction for a very low price? Same contact info as everything).

I've had a year of graphic design classes, but I've been designing and working with photoshop for around 11 years. You can view my portfolio here.


$15 - YouTube Package - Banner, icon/logo, endslate and intro/title, anything else you might need. I work in music, too, so I might be able to whip up a intro/outro tune.
$10 - Social media package - Any 3ish pieces you'd need for social media branding such as banners, icons, logos, etc.
$5 - Banner or graphic of any size
$5 a piece for YouTube title or endslate cards
$4 - icons

Any illustrations you want done (like this piece seen on my endslate) is an extra $5. I'm always open to bartering.

Email me at if you are interested!

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