Friday, August 22, 2014

Bout of Books Day 4 Update

Yesterday I planned on spending the day doing book related things; writing reviews, editing book review videos and of course reading. I should just stop planning my days, because they ultimately will never go as planned. Thankfully, the unplanned obstacle was my grandfather moving some new pieces of furniture into my room (I'm typing this on a DESK!) on very short notice, so I had to clean up the explosion of clothes and various things left over from packing and unpacking.

Despite this, I did end up reading a whole graphic novel (cue past me sarcastically quipping "a WHOLE graphic novel?? whoa slow down there you crazy book worm"). Oh yes, I got to the train-wreck that is Teen Titans vol. 2: The Culling.

It has a 2.98 rating on GoodReads why am I even surprised??

I'm far more upset with the packaging of this than the actual storytelling...if you can call it packaging. I'm not very versed in comic lingo. The decision to put these specific issues in one bind up was a really, really bad decision. I think. I guess I can't think of a better way to do cross-overs in volume form but like I said, I'm a comic newbie (i've only been reading comics for a year but i feel like i've been with these characters my whole life. i read a DC encyclopedia front to back when i was 11). This volume is called The Culling but we literally got 5 pages of the Culling story arc. For a real accurate title they should have gone with Three Incomplete Stories, Some Dinos, and Wonder Girl's Love Life. Yeah, they hung out with some dinosaurs and I still thought it was shitty. Cassie is great, but I would rather read a bind up of Kid Flash's adventure's with dinosaur-hybrid-teens than the story of her giving up her normal, safe life for a douchebag. And then the bloody love triangle. Give me a Hawkeye style comic of Kid Flash and Solstice's romance if you're gonna give me romance. Have Bunker go on a flipping date or something.

I should have named my brand Feminist Nerd Rage or something.

Day: 4
Books: 4
Pages: ~690

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