Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bout of Books Day 3 Update

Today sucked, emotion wise. Like, okay, you need to realize that I hate roller coasters with a fiery passion. The only thing I hate more than roller coasters is driving, vague instructions and hard core conservative children. Today was like a roller coaster but worse. 

What I'm getting at here is that I didn't feel like reading most of the day. I felt like sitting in front of the TV and moaning. So that's what I did until I realized that reading would, you know, get my mind off my own anxieties. So I read about someone else's!

I finished the last ~45% of The Key to the Golden Firebird and man oh man I was pleasantly surprised! I think I already used that phrase with this book but it was GOOD. I mean, I had low standards for it since Maureen's contemporary gets 3 stars from me on average, but this was like a solid-ish 4 star book (although I totally gave it 3 stars but then changed it like 5 minutes after putting the book down). It's about sisterhood and driving and grief. It's probably my second favorite of her books after Name of the Star. There wasn't anything AMAZING that I will remember FOREVER because WOW and some of the language used (multiple slurs, even some used by the main characters) made me uncomfortable. But overall a really solid book.

And technically that's it. I finished Chopsticks but that was after midnight so you'll get all of my thoughts (AND HOLY HELL I HAVE SO MANY HOLY FUCK, THAT BOOK WAS A RIDE) and pages for that in tomorrows update. I'm trying to be organized this time around.

Saying that, I totally forgot to do any challenges today. There was emotional drama, y'all understand.

Number of books I've finished today: 1
Total number of books I've finished: 4Books left on my goal TBR: 2Pages I've read today: 108 Total pages I've read: 739

(stats as of 11:59 pm)

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