Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bout of Books Day 7 Update

We did it guys, we climbed the whole mountain.

Bout of Books 10.0 was more than a success. It was awesome and far better than the other three times I've tried to do this damn readathon. Honestly, I crushed it. But there's a whoooole video coming up about how spectacular I was during this readathon. My ego can only take so much before it threatens to inflate my entire body Aunt Marge style.

I didn't think I was going to finish Ella Enchanted but I ended up finishing it before 10 pm! I enjoyed it a lot, especially the rather in your face lesson at the end (it's been inside of you the whole time! you can do it! you are powerful!), but I felt like it lacked the magic of my memory of the movie. People did break out into song in this book but the entire half of the book was different from the movie so it makes sense that it felt different to me. I did feel like the Cinderella plot points were just thrown in just for the hell of it. I didn't think the glass slipper part was necessary. Overall I liked it.

I had an hour and a half until midnight so it was pretty obvious, out of my pile of BB10 TBR books, what I was going to pick up. I was saving it. Oh man. It was worth it. What a great prize for doing super well at the readathon. I think this is the first time I've read a graphic novel where I enjoyed every single aspect of it. The art is what got me to bring it home from the store, so I knew I was already sold on that. But it's just so damn pretty. The colors!! But then!! The characters!! Clint got me from the first page. The dog. The banter. The nicknames. The running gags. I can't. Just perfect.

Number of books I've finished today: 2
Total number of books I've finished: 12

Books left on my goal TBR: ZERO!!!
Pages I've read today: 346
Total pages I've read: 1817

Now that Bout of Books is over, this blog will go back to being pretty boring. It's mostly where I post any secondary material to my videos, which basically means things I write that are better staying in written form than spoken in video form. To stay update on what I'm reading, friend me on Goodreads, watch my videos, and follow me on twitter!

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